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Description: Prevent the sudden stop of the vertical mill in advance to achieve high returns!
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For mechanical equipment, it is not surprising that failures occur during use, but for some large-scale mining industries, sudden downtime or abnormal shutdown of vertical mills can cause great damage to equipment. , causing certain effects, for example: What should I do if the vertical roller mill is suddenly shut down in use?First, find out the origin of the vertical mill stop to solve the problemIn general, if the vertical mill has a downtime problem during use, he will tell you, you see:1. There may be substandard specifications such as grinding materials. Many materials in mine production are directly mined for vertical mill production and processing. Sometimes the physical properties of different materials cannot meet the production range of vertical mills. Next, once the material is put into production, the vertical mill shutdown will also occur.2, did not use the correct method of operation, as a large-scale milling equipment said that many parts do not use the correct production and operation technology, not only in the production of equipment can not achieve the expected output, but also the vertical mill suddenly Downtime situation.3. Equipment There are faults and aging problems in the province. Because there is no timely discovery and treatment, it will cause downtime in the establishment of the established mill.4, equipment lubrication is not timely or there is a blocking situation, these can make a sudden stop of the founding mill.Second, prevent the vertical mill from suddenly stopping in advance, here to give you a trick!1. When the vertical mill is produced for a certain period of time, it is necessary to observe the use of various parts of the equipment, replenish the lubricating oil in time, and supply it to the vertical mill.2. The production capacity of vertical roller mill under different models is different. In order to prevent the production equipment from being over-stressed and causing downtime, it is necessary to select a vertical mill of the appropriate type to achieve not only the ideal production requirements, but also It can extend the service life of the equipment and is not prone to downtime.3, the purchase of quality vertical mill, because most of the vertical mill is mainly made of steel, the steel material is superior, of course, the overall performance of the equipment is better, reliable operation, low failure rate, but also need to cooperate Materials with suitable physical properties so as not to cause downtime in the vertical mill.4. The vertical mill has the material particle size for easy adjustment. It is recommended that the user must adjust the appropriate particle size before production to make the material pass through the discharge port, which is beneficial to avoid the vertical mill shutdown phenomenon.Third, the correct use of vertical mills can achieve high returns!The vertical mill achieves high profitability. It is not only the need to choose the right equipment model, the correct material, but also the need for our users to have certain operating techniques, so that the vertical mill can be used correctly to make it bigger. The role, here we may wish to consult the Shibang customer service staff online, let them help us guide, explain the correct vertical mill operating technology!
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