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Description: The slag vertical mill processing ore The choice of slag ash calcium powder
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In recent years, due to the advances in powder processing technology, there have been mercerized calcium powder products having a fineness of 600 mesh or more in the market. Then how to choose ore slag and ash calcium hammer crusher and slag vertical roller mill? Here we recommend a comprehensive processing equipment for you, with the same power heavy ore high pressure mill suitable for crushing various Processing of non-metallic raw materials such as ore chemical raw materials, such as: iron ore, coal dust, blast furnace water slag, power plant desulfurizer, boiler injection coal, white ash, feldspar, quartz, gypsum, barite, limestone, Ceramics, slag, etc. Mohs hardness of not more than 9.3, non-inflammable and explosive mines, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other industries with high moisture content below 6%. Mesh range adjustment (1000 mesh). The weight of slag vertical mill is the same as that of high-pressure mill. The fineness can be arbitrarily adjusted between 300 mesh and 3000 mesh.The ore after beneficiation or smelting is called slag. The application of slag after slag mill equipment processing is very extensive. In industrial production, slag plays an important role, especially in some major factories. The slag is used for refining and processing into slag cement, slag powder, slag powder, slag portland cement, slag wool, blast furnace slag, granulated blast furnace slag powder, copper slag, slag vertical mill. Save energy. The main component of the ash calcium powder is a mixture of Ca(OH)2, CaO and a small amount of CaCO3. It is a finely processed product of lime and is made of natural high-quality limestone with CaCO3 as the main component. After being calcined at high temperature, it becomes quick lime (CaO). After being carefully selected, partially digested, and then crushed by a high-speed wind-selecting hammer mill, its appearance is white and delicate.The principle of the same heavy machine slag vertical roller mill: slag vertical mill raw slag into the feed bin by the grab machine, after measurement by the conveyor belt into the screw feeding device feed ZJTL roller vertical mill, the material in the mill With the rotation of the disc rotating under the action of centrifugal force from the center to the edge, after the compaction, degassing, grinding process, the material at the edge of the disc is lifted by the hot air from the wind ring, and instantaneous drying, finer particles are taken The sorter is selected for sorting, and the coarse powder is returned to the grinding wheel and then ground. The fine powder is brought into the baghouse and the product is collected and gas-powdered. After the finished product is collected, it is transported into the finished product bulk warehouse, and the exhaust gas is discharged after being silenced by the fan. Part of the hard-to-grind large-grained materials (and iron tumors, iron slag) enter the outer circulation system through the slag discharge port at the wind ring, and after being de-ironed, they are fed into the grinding mill again by the elevator. The hot air required for the drying and ventilation of the mill is provided by the hot blast stove, and the deficiency is supplemented by the cold blast valve from the atmosphere. The system has a large air flow and strong drying capacity. The moisture content of the material entering the mill can reach 8-15%.
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