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Description: Four Tips for Cement Vertical Mill Maintenance
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First of all, production and maintenance mainly refers to the elimination of problems affecting the production plan. Production can not keep up and finished products are not up to the standard. There are two kinds of factors that may cause failures: first, the performance of the equipment itself, and second, the level of the operator, and the general test machine does not There are quality problems, and the influencing factors of the quality of the vertical roller mill equipment are much smaller, which may be caused by the operator. For example, it is impossible to control the uniform feeding, the order of the power-on and power-off, and the valve opening status is incorrect. For example, the powder locker is not sealed. The good meeting causes the powder to be little or even no powder, and the output is low. The non-uniform feeding will affect the evenness of the finished product, and clogging has already occurred.Second, predictive maintenance has similarities with preventive maintenance, but there are essential differences. Prevention is all possible problems, but the nature does not necessarily occur. Prediction is about to happen. It has been foretold to varying degrees, but not yet Serious consequences. Predicting that according to the information provided by the condition monitoring and diagnostic technology, necessary and appropriate maintenance can be performed before the occurrence of a fault. Most skilled operators can detect potential faults in advance through sound and finished product status so that they can be prevented and prevented early.Third, prevent maintenance, develop detailed plans for the operation of milling equipment, including production volume, working hours, and professional maintenance departments. Reasonable work arrangements and preventive measures can extend the service life of equipment and fittings, and increase production efficiency. The following points:1. Develop a reasonable production plan to avoid overwork.2, set up a special maintenance department, regular inspections, found that the quality of finished products, production efficiency and other abnormal problems in a timely manner.3. Lubricate or replace the minor or severe wear parts of the vertical mill.Fourth, fault repair refers to the unplanned maintenance of the cement vertical mill when the fault occurs or the performance is reduced, and a specific fault phenomenon to eliminate the fault, for example, the powder collector does not produce powder, the bearing locks, and the Dust abnormality and other issues, such common failure Shibang Industrial Technology Group mine in the milling equipment detailed technical descriptions are introduced, in addition to faults can not be arbitrarily dealt with, to find technical staff or technical personnel know that under the exclusion of inspection, in addition to exclusion The entire process of failure must be carried out under power off conditions to avoid other accidents.
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