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Description: What are the uses of ultra-fine vertical grinding?
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Ultra-fine vertical grinding has the effect of over-grinding. It can be used for grading, drying and dispersing of complete equipment. It can be combined with vertical mill to form pre-grinding, mixing grinding, semi-grinding, etc. Grinding and other new process complete process, due to the principle of ultrafine mill, the new grinding system process can reduce the grinding power consumption system by about 50%, the output can be improved a lot, can be applied to cement or raw materials and cooked In the material, the new grinding system is suitable for the grinding of a variety of mineral powders, thus solving the current situation of insufficient grinding capacity with the new standard. The grinding system has been widely used in many industries.There are many models of ultra-fine vertical grinding. The fine ore fineness and high screening rate after ultra-fine vertical grinding process convey a large amount of production for refractory materials, cement, glass flux, building materials, paint, ceramics, chemical industry and other industrial parts. Good raw materials have improved the economic price of dolomite.The fineness of the ultrafine mill can be adjusted during the grinding process. When processing different ores and crystal materials, in order to improve the production time of the grinding material, the production can be reduced by reducing the consumption, and the particle size is selected to be smaller than The powder below 1mm is directly into the grinding machine, and the remaining more than 1mm is re-extruded into the main machine, which greatly reduces the particle size of the slag, which shortens the grinding time and increases the output of the mill. The grinding process and equipment also need to be adjusted accordingly.
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