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Description: Problems and emergency measures of the ultrafine powder mill in daily life
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In recent years, the rapid development of the domestic machinery industry, the current variety of machinery on the market more complete, fully able to meet the needs of most domestic markets, this is a great process. One of the most typical is the flour mill, flour mill industry, the rapid development of the rapid, ultrafine mill technology is accompanied by modern high-tech and new materials industry in recent years developed a new crushing engineering technology, and now Has become one of the most important deep processing technologies for industrial minerals and other raw materials and is of great significance to the development of modern high-tech industries. Then in the production and sale of the mill, there are some common problems. The maintenance of the machine is an extremely important regular work. It should be closely coordinated with extreme operations and maintenance, and should be carried out by dedicated staff Watch on duty.Mill machine equipment common problems:one. Mill equipment grinding roller, grinding disc lining wear repairtwo. Grinder mill roller bearing wear repairthree. Mill reducer leakage treatmentMill equipment maintenance:1, the bearing bear the full load of the machine, so a good lubrication of the bearing life has a great relationship, it directly affects the life of the machine and operation rate, thus requiring injection of lubricating oil must be clean, the seal must be good, the machine Main oiling place (1) Rotating bearings (2) Roller bearings (3) All gears (4) Movable bearings, sliding plane. 2, the newly installed wheel loosening prone to frequent checks must be carried out.3, pay attention to the work of the various parts of the machine is normal. The company is located in:4, pay attention to check the wear of wear parts, always pay attention to replace the worn parts.5, put the mobile device chassis plane, dust and other objects should be out to avoid the machine can not crush the material encountered when the bearing can not move on the chassis, resulting in serious accidents.6, bearing oil temperature rise, should immediately stop the inspection to eliminate.7, rotating gears in the operation if the impact of sound should immediately stop inspection and eliminate.With the rapid economic growth in the country, mill equipment plays an important role in the field of engineering. Today, the mill industry has gone through stages of development that rely on cheap labor and sacrificing the environment. In response to the development trend of low-carbon economy, milling Machine industry is moving in the direction of energy saving and environmental protection. At the same time, the concept of government at all levels is changing. Meanwhile, the mill manufacturing enterprises also need to further emancipate their minds, broaden their horizons and treat the development of the industry with an international strategic vision.
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