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Description: Ultrafine grinding which part of the most important? How to maintain?
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Microfine grinding more and more domestic use of the crowd, there may be many people may not know the parts of the mill that is the most important, once damaged, the entire machine will not work. With the rapid development of mining mines in our country, milling technology is also improved step by step, the domestic market of micro-grinding mill once again reached the highest level, the role of ultra-fine grinding more and more obvious, and its location More and more important, become the fragrance of the milling industry.We all know that the application of ultrafine mill is very wide range of applications, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals and mining, can be used to ultrafine grinding equipment, we may only know about the performance of ultrafine mill and How it works today tells you which part of the extra-fine mill is most important and what to do to prolong his life while working.The most important part of the ultrafine mill is the bearing, the bearing is the heart of the ultrafine mill, which is the core part of the ultrafine mill, but the ultrafine mill is also the most vulnerable part. First of all, we know that part of the superfine mill is used for outdoor work, so easy to damp rust, affecting its normal operation, so we need regular derusting. Second, superfine mill bearing wear more powerful, we can regularly coated oil, reduce friction. Finally, the bearing parts prone to loosening, we regularly check the fixed. Above is the ultrafine mill bearing parts and maintenance issues, I hope you can give some help.
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