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Description: What is the output of the ultra-fine mill?
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Introduction of ultrafine millThe ultrafine mill is an improved design of the SBM machine based on the original mill. The new mill equipment is a commonly used model in ultra-fine grinding. The number of grinding rolls is 4, which increases the grinding area. To increase production output, how about the output of ultra-fine mill? How big is it? Please see the specific analysis below.Superfine mill parametersThe finished product size of the ultra-fine mill is 0.18-0.025 mm (equivalent to 80-600 mesh). The fineness of the finished product is adjusted by air selection, and the user's production requirements can be satisfied. The diameter of the grinding ring is 1770 mm. The diameter is 450 mm, the height of the grinding roller is 250 mm, the main unit is equipped with a 132 kw motor, and the analyzer motor is 18.5 kw adjustable. The output per shift is 16-176 tons, and the output of different materials will be different.Factors affecting the output of ultrafine millThe output of the ultra-fine mill is between 16 and 176 tons per shift. Why is there such a difference? This is because the type of material, hardness, humidity, fineness of the finished product, and actual production conditions will affect the operation of the equipment and affect the production capacity of the equipment.1, the type of materialThe ultra-fine mill can handle a wide variety of materials, mainly grinding and pulverizing non-metallic materials, such as pebbles, granite, marble, limestone, glass, ceramics, cement, etc. The types of these materials are different, hardness, humidity, etc. Unlike the ultra-fine mill, when the crushing is performed, the capacity will be different, and the degree of wear on the equipment will be different. Therefore, the output of the equipment is different.2, the granularity requirements of the finished productThe user has different granularity requirements for the finished product, and the production capacity of the equipment is also different. When the granularity of the finished product is required to be finer, the production process is more complicated, the requirements for the equipment are higher, the burden of production is increased, the efficiency is simultaneously reduced, and the output is also reduced. Will be discounted.What is the price of SBM T130X Reinforced Ultrafine Mill?The output of the ultra-fine grinding machine produced by SBM Industrial Technology Group is within the range of 16-176 tons per shift. It can grind a variety of materials at an affordable price and cost-effectively. It can be produced according to the standard and can fully meet the production requirements of users. The SBM ultrafine mill is priced at the ex-factory price of the equipment, which is lower than the market price, allowing you to enjoy greater benefits.
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