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Description: Analysis of the five bans in the use of jaw crusher`
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Jaw crushers are machines that are often used in the field of ore crushing. However, many people will continue to malfunction during use and have to stop working to repair the machine. Tip: In fact, as long as it avoids the following non-standard phenomena in the operation, you can avoid damage to the machine.1. Maintenance of the machine from time to time. In the use of the stone crushing equipment, the screws of the internal parts of the machine or the screws of the fixed machine are often loosened due to the great force of the machine. This requires regular reinforcement of the machine's screws.Second, do not promptly replace the lubricant with the machine. After the machine has been in use for a period of time, the internal lubricant will reduce the lubrication effect, and the debris that falls off during the running of the machine will also increase the wear of the machine. Therefore, when the lubricant has been used for a while, it must be replaced in time. And after the replacement, use kerosene to thoroughly clean the interior, leaving no crumbs left. This way the machine is not easy to wear.Third, the internal temperature of the machine is too high. Jaw crusher generates a lot of heat due to friction during use. If this heat is not released in time, it will damage the machine. For example, the center axis of the machine will be deformed due to high temperature and will be damaged when the stone is broken. Therefore, always pay attention to the internal temperature when using the crusher. If the machine temperature is too high, stop the work in time, and then use it when the temperature is reduced.4. The iron pieces were not picked out when the raw materials were added. If the iron is in the raw material, the jaws of the jaw crusher will be destroyed and the machine will not be able to be used.5. Add raw materials unevenly. This will damage the machine due to excessive load when too much material enters the machine.
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