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Description: About the five-point maintenance work of the stone crusher
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The stone crusher cylinder has a conical shape and is mainly made of steel material welded and cast. The role of the cylinder in the equipment is to improve the production environment for the material and reduce the wear of the parts. At the same time, the service life of the Stone Crusher cylinder can be improved, and reasonable maintenance is required. Then, let's introduce the maintenance work of the stone crusher cylinder.
1. The inspection of the stone crusher cylinder is the primary task. Regular inspection of the equipment cylinder can avoid the occurrence of safety hazards. The inspection items include the wear of the inner wall of the cylinder, the tightness of the fastener of the cylinder, and the corrosion of the surface of the cylinder. If these phenomena are found, they should be treated in time to avoid malfunction.
2. Since the stone crusher often performs fine crushing or superfine crushing operations, it is inevitable that a large amount of dust will be generated in production. Therefore, the staff cleans the dust on the surface of the cylinder in time during the shutdown. This can avoid the corrosion of the cylinder caused by excessive dust, and can also prevent the dust from entering the cylinder and causing damage to the rotor bearing.
3. When there is a problem with the stone crusher barrel, it should be repaired in time, which can reduce the frequency of replacing the cylinder and avoid the occurrence of greater safety hazards. For the maintenance of the cone crusher cylinder, the bolts for fastening the cylinder, the cracks on the surface of the welding repair cylinder, and the problem of wiping the antifreeze oil for the cylinder are included.
The above is about the maintenance of the stone crusher cylinder, I hope to help everyone. SBM Heavy Industry is a professional manufacturer of crushers. Users who need equipment in this area can directly consult online, or visit our factory to see the real thing. There will be professional staff to lead everyone to understand the product.
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