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Description: Reasons for high abrasion resistance of stone sand maker
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The new type of stone sand making machine produced by SBM is also called the impact type sand making machine. It is the most ideal choice for sand crushing and fine crushing Sand making machine. The sand making machine equipment is a combination of domestic and international production, and advanced level of efficient crushed stone equipment.SBM stone sand making machine is widely used in fine and coarse grinding of metal and non-metal ore, cement, refractories, abrasives, glass raw materials, building aggregates, artificial sand and various metallurgical slags, especially hard and special hard. And abrasive materials such as silicon carbide, corundum, sintered bauxite, magnesia, etc., are more advantageous than other types of crushers. Used in combination with hydraulic protection smash, it can handle all kinds of metallurgical slag. It is preferable to use sand for construction and gravel for road construction. The reason for the high wear resistance of the SBM stone sand mill is inseparable from the advanced design and high quality sand making machine accessories.SBM stone sand making machine has novel structure, uniqueness, reasonable and reasonable operation balance, and low running cost. The sand making equipment adopts advanced working principle, "stone hitting stone" and "stone hitting iron", and the state of the device can be converted freely. The sand and gravel are used in one machine. The "stone-hitting" technology reduces component wear and reduces production costs. Advanced sand making principle makes SBM sand making equipment more efficient in sand production, wider crushing range and better sand making effect. In addition, during the production process of the sand making equipment, the stone can form a protective bottom layer, and the body is not worn and durable. A small amount of wear parts are made of special hard wear-resistant materials, which are small in size and light in weight and easy to replace parts. Below we introduce you to the details of the operation of stone sand machine equipment:1. Check before driving The vortex chamber observing whether the door is tightly closed to prevent the material from rushing out of the vortex chamber and causing danger.2. Check the rotation direction of the impeller and look from the direction of the inlet. The impeller should be rotated counterclockwise, otherwise the motor wiring should be adjusted.3. The starting sequence of impact crusher and conveyor equipment is as follows: Discharging→Crusher crusher→Feeder The crusher must be started with no load. The sand machine equipment can be fed after it is running normally.The shutdown sequence is the reverse of the boot sequence.4. Feeding granules strictly in accordance with the requirements of the regulations, prohibited entering the sand making machine than the stipulated materials, otherwise, it will cause the imbalance of the impeller and excessive wear of the impeller, causing the plugging of the impeller passage and the center feeding pipe to prevent the crusher from working properly. , found that large pieces of material should be promptly excluded.5. When the discharge equipment stops, feed should be stopped in time. Otherwise, the impeller will be crushed and the motor burned.6, feeding continuously and evenly.7. During the operation of the sand making machine, there shall be no severe vibration and abnormal noise. Otherwise, it shall be stopped and checked.8. Lubrication of the machine, lubrication, lubrication for dry lubrication, use of special grease for Mobil Motors, addition of 1/2 to 2/3 of the bearing cavity, adding a suitable amount for every working shift of the stone making machine grease.
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