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Description: The main source of noise in the operation of the new sand making machine?
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sand making machine equipment will always appear a lot of noise during operation, where is the main source of noise? How to effectively eliminate these noises?There are four main sources of noise during operation of sand making equipment:1, lack of lubricant, or excessive lubrication, resulting in bearing wear and noise. Too much or too little grease: Check if the grease is excessive and adjust to the proper amount of oil; Grease is not clean: Replace pure grease after bearing cleaning; Bearing damage: Replace bearing in time.2. If the particle size of the VSI sand-making machine is too large, if the size of the material you are going to process is not more than 50mm, the effect of making sand can be significantly improved after using the energy-saving sand-making machine. Iron ore is contained in the sand-making machine during operation. Or the intrusion of scrap iron can also cause malfunction of the sand making equipment.VSI's new type of sand making machine has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, stone playing stone + stone making iron principle, lower usage cost, unique bearing installation and advanced spindle design, making energy saving sand making machine has the characteristics of heavy load and high speed rotation. VSI's new sand making equipment has functions such as fine crushing, coarse grinding and gravel shaping, high reliability and strict safety protection devices to ensure equipment and personal safety. As a result of high bulk density and small iron pollution, it can be used as a stone shaping machine. People produce good equipment. The new sand making equipment works with low noise and no pollution. The unique air self-circulation system greatly reduces the amount of exhaust air, reduces dust, and is environmentally friendly. In addition VSI sand machine is reserved and suitable for installation of a variety of specifications of dust removal equipment.After meticulous testing by various experts, the VSI series of new sand making machines produced by Henan Shisheng has a 25% higher output, a 30% reduction in energy consumption, and a 34% reduction in noise during machine operation compared with similar domestic products. Industry products. In addition, by improving the machining and assembly accuracy of the sand making equipment, noise generated by mechanical vibration and friction is reduced. More to reduce the sand machine noise problems please contact us.
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