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Description: Two mobile crushing station comparison
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The mobile crushing plant mainly includes two kinds of tires and crawlers. Its design concept has eliminated the obstacles such as crushing sites, environment, complicated basic configuration, and cumbersome logistics to crush the work. Therefore, it is welcomed by more and more users. This article starts from the similarities and differences between the two mobile crushing stations and analyzes their characteristics and their respective advantages.The same is a mobile crushing station. The tire type and crawler type have common features such as:1, flexible, save timeThe mobile crusher can directly reach the mining site and is not affected by the site change. After finishing the work station adjustment in a short time, the mobile crusher can start the work. Because the equipment is small, it is particularly suitable for the crushing site. At the same time, it eliminates the cumbersome structure of the steel frame during crushing and the construction of the foundation saves a lot of time.2. Integrated whole setThe installation mode of the integrated unit equipment eliminates the installation of complicated site infrastructures for split components and reduces the consumption of materials and man-hours. It is a production line that integrates process equipment such as receiving, crushing, and transportation. The reasonable and compact space layout of the unit improves the flexibility of site installation.3, reduce the cost of material transportationThe mobile crushing station can process materials at the site without having to move the materials away from the site for further processing, which greatly reduces the transportation costs of the materials.4, flexible combination, complete functionAccording to the user's actual production requirements equipped with appropriate equipment for a variety of combinations, can be composed of "first broken after the screen", can also be composed of "first screening after the" process can be combined into coarse crushing, fine crushing two screening and screening systems, It can also be combined into coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing and crushing and screening systems. It can also run independently and has great flexibility.In addition to the above common features, both have their own unique advantages. We compare the following aspects:1. ActionThe tire-type mobile crushing plant can't be completely called a mobile crusher, because its shifting movement is dependent on the semi-trailer's head for traction, so it is not as mobile as its own hydraulically driven crawler-type mobile crushing plant. .2, applicable venueBecause the mobile crusher uses on-board haulage, it is more suitable for crushing various types of sand and gravel materials in some construction waste disposal, earth and stone works, urban infrastructure and road construction, and construction industries.The crawler-type mobile crusher chassis adopts a crawler type rigid rigid ship structure, which has high strength, low grounding pressure, good passability, good adaptability to mountains and wetlands, and can even achieve climbing operations, so it is used for mining in some mines. Open pit mining and other harsh operating environments.3, work efficiencyWhen the tire-type mobile crushing station is working, the hydraulic legs below the frame are fixed, so the stability of the entire station is increased, the stability is the basis of the operation of the mobile crushing station, and the good stability enables the entire station to be equipped with large-scale The crusher equipment means that the tire type mobile crushing station can perform the crushing operation of large materials, and the working efficiency is extremely high.The stability of crawler type mobile crushing stations is relatively weak, which in turn leads to high efficiency in the crushing capacity of tire crushing stations.4, equipment performanceThe mobile tire crushing station has a short wheelbase, a small turning radius, and does not damage the road surface. It can run on ordinary roads and in the work area.The crawler type mobile crushing station can use the crawler to realize the local steering and standard configuration. Through wireless remote control, the crusher can be easily opened to the trailer and transported to the working site.5, finished product effectAt present, the wheeled mobile crushing plant is used for the crushing of construction waste, and the recycled aggregate produced by it has a good grain shape and is conducive to recycling. The semi-open discharge system is suitable for crushing construction waste containing a small amount of steel bars. It has fine material discharge, less crushing, and good particle formation. It is particularly suitable for the production of environmentally friendly bricks.In summary, the tire-type and Portable crusher plant all have their own characteristics, and they must be selected based on the user's production requirements. With the pursuit of efficiency and convenience, mobile crushing stations will be more applied to all walks of life to understand the characteristics of these two kinds of mobile crushing stations and lay the foundation for the current or future equipment selection.
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