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Description: Construction waste treatment transforms high-quality building aggregates
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At present, the use of construction waste as a gravel aggregate after treatment and recovery can meet the national standard sand standards, and it also faces the problem of recognition. In order to verify this problem, the research project of the Handan City Science and Technology Bureau undertaken by the Hebei University of Engineering has recently passed the provincial level research project “A Study on the Influence of Recycling Construction Aggregate Recycled Aggregate on the Performance of Reclaimed Concrete Aggregates for the Three-year Change of Handan City”. Expert acceptance and identification.After 1 ton of construction waste crusher, 70% are coarse aggregates such as gravel and fine stone, and the remaining 30% are fine aggregates such as sand. These recycled aggregates can completely replace natural sand and sand, even better than natural sand. stone. According to reports, after more than two years of experimental research, the research team conducted comparative tests on the compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength, elastic modulus, and bond properties of recycled aggregates of construction waste, and pointed out the use of construction. Garbage Recyclable aggregates can be made from medium-strength concrete instead of natural aggregates.Experts agreed that this research topic is in line with the national industrial policy and provides a strong theoretical basis and data support for the use of a large amount of construction waste generated from the demolition of old cities. Comprehensive utilization of a large amount of construction waste reduces the pollution to the environment and reduces natural resources. The mining and consequent energy consumption and transportation will help relieve traffic pressure, reduce environmental treatment fees and landfills. Its social benefits, economic benefits, and environmental benefits are significant, and it has broad prospects for popularization and application.At present, as China attaches more and more importance to the development of the value of construction waste, it will also promote the gradual maturity of China's construction waste crusher technology. SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to large and medium-sized series crusher, sand making machine, mobile crushing station, mobile screening station, feed screening equipment, urban construction waste crushing equipment and wear-resistant materials, integrating research and development, production Sales and sales of high-tech enterprises. Among them, the mobile crushing station of construction waste treatment equipment is one of the company's main research directions. The technology in the field of construction waste disposal has taken the lead in China and no one can compare with it.The problem of construction waste has become a problem that people in the country have attached importance to. With the development of science and technology, SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. will change the fate of construction waste, turn construction waste into treasure to benefit people, realize clean production and self-closing. Circular economy industrial chain, protect the urban ecological environment, and help the city to embark on a virtuous cycle of sustainable development in the reconstruction or expansion.
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