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Description: How to Extend the Service Life of Wearing Parts of Construction Waste Treatment Production Line Equipment
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The equipment of construction waste crusher production line is dealing with hard stones for a long time and wear is inevitable. Therefore, the selection of wear-resistant materials and the protection of wearing parts are very important for the crusher. Before the selection of wear-resistant materials, we have already made relevant introductions. The technical personnel of Shanghai SBM Technical Department brought us the use and protection of the wearing parts of construction waste processing equipment.Extending the service life of the wearing parts of construction waste treatment production line equipment is to prolong the service life of the crushing equipment. Hammer heads and counterattack plates and other accessories are very important in the crushing equipment and are the most easily worn parts. In order to extend the service life of the equipment wearing parts, Should be comprehensive management from multiple aspects, and a multi-pronged approach.1, pay attention to daily operation skillsCommonly used consumables in crushing equipment include hammers, rotors and counterattack plates. For example, the consumables in construction waste disposal line equipment are mainly rotors and plate hammers. The wear parts of the sand making machine are mainly the plate hammers on the impeller. The wear parts of alloy cutter heads, liners, rotors and jaw crushers are mainly screed plates and edge guard plates. The hammers of the hammer crusher are the hammer heads, and the cone crusher consumables are barb walls. And crushing walls. The correct operation skills can effectively reduce the grinding loss efficiency of the equipment and prolong the service life of wear parts. Such as jaw crusher should always check the nuts, bolts, to prevent increased wear and tear, seesaw loose, broken, etc., thereby extending the life of the rocker, reducing costs and improve work efficiency.2. Choose the most suitable part for different crushing equipmentThe types of crushing equipment are various and the models are different. The crusher manufacturers and users should select the most suitable parts for the equipment to prolong the service life of the equipment wearing parts. For example, the choice of hammerhead is: high-chromium compound for small hammerhead, high-manganese steel for sledgehammer, and corrosive material not suitable for forging hammerhead. Different materials have different physical and chemical properties, and the wear of wear parts is also very different. For example, if the quartz rock crushing is easy to happen with the construction of the construction waste processing equipment, the cone crusher should be selected, and the wear-resistant workpiece rolling wall will not be excessively worn.3, the purchase of construction waste processing line equipment parts selection strength of the big brand manufacturersMany equipments or wear parts that look the same are used under the same conditions, but their life spans can sometimes differ greatly. Why is this? In fact, we often say that the quality is not good. Every manufacturer has different production scales, different technical strengths, and imperfect hardware equipment. The quality of manufactured parts is also different, and their service life is naturally different. Therefore, Shanghai SBM recommends that when choosing wear-resistant parts manufacturers, we must inspect the factory, including understanding of the plant size, equipment technology, technical personnel, etc., as well as understand the user feedback to select the wear parts.
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