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5086 aluminum plate for transportationThe hull structure of a ship is very complex, consisting of decks, side plates and bottom plates. 5086 aluminum is a suitable ore for ship side panels. It is one of the popular products with the gradual rise of the marine economy and plays a huge role in the international marine market.The main alloying elements of 5086 aluminum plate are magnesium and silicon, which have high corrosion resistance, good weldability and moderate strength. Heat treatment cannot strengthen. Due to its good weldability, 5086 aluminum retains most of its mechanical strength. Good welding results and good seawater corrosion make 5086 very popular for building boat and yacht hulls.5086 aluminum plate has low density, high tensile strength and high elongation. Temperament has O, H111, H112, H116, H321, etc. In terms of mechanical properties, the tensile strength σb (MPa) is greater than 240, the conditional yield strength σ0.2 (MPa) is greater than 95, the elongation δ10 (%) is greater than 10, and the elongation δ5 (%) is greater than 12.The aluminum plate for transportation is the growth point of the aluminum processing industry, and the aluminum plate for the carriage is the development of the lightweight of the automobile. The use of aluminum sheets in the car compartment can minimize the weight of the entire vehicle and realize the lightweight of the body, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions, improving fuel efficiency, and ensuring energy-saving effects to a greater extent.5086 aluminum sheet is also used in this field. Has good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and rust resistance. The welding performance of the carriage body is greater, which increases the safety factor of the vehicle. Huawei Aluminum has all major 5xxx aluminum sheets. Welcome to leave a message to consult the price of 5086 aluminum plate.follow links:https://pizzerialabellastoria.nlhttp://villafortunaeventi.ithttp://eetwinkeldegroenekever.nlhttps://leo-sushi-pierre-benite.frhttps://oblq.onlinehttps://dvtel.onlinehttps://housta.onlinehttps://lionsalu.github.iohttps://hwalum.github.io
How much does 1mm aluminum sheet cost?

According to the thickness, aluminum plate can be divided into thin aluminum plate, standard aluminum plate and thick aluminum plate. The industry is usually measured in millimeters of thickness. 1mm 6060 aluminum sheet is thin aluminum plate, aluminum plate between 1-8mm is standard aluminum plate, and more than 8mm is thick plate.

This classification is mainly based on processing equipment. For example, aluminum plates within 8mm can be processed by cold rolling equipment. Processing cost is low. Aluminum sheets over 8mm must be produced by hot rolling equipment.

The thickness range of the aluminum sheet is directly related to the price. 1.0-8.0mm standard aluminum plate is reasonably priced. For thin aluminum sheets, the extra processing makes it slightly more expensive.

Aluminum plates over 8mm require ingot processing and then hot rolling. During the ingot casting process, certain losses will occur. At the same time, the price of hot rolling equipment is relatively high, so the price of aluminum thick plate is also relatively high.

For the 1mm aluminum plate, the aluminum plate manufacturer needs to pay attention to the flatness. At present, many small processing plants do not have stretch-bending straightening equipment. Huawei Aluminum can fully guarantee the flatness of thin aluminum sheets by equipping professional stretching and bending straightening equipment. Welcome to leave a message to inquire about the cost of aluminum plate.
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