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Description: SBM ultrafine powder mill assists in the desulfurization of raw coal in multiple home appliance enterprises
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SBM developed an ultra-fine powder mill that draws on Sweden's advanced milling industry technology. Aiming at the current development trend and market demand of the domestic milling industry, a new type of milling powder is developed for users of Ultrafine mill. equipment. It is mainly applied to calcite, chalk, calcium carbonate, dolomite, kaolin, bentonite, talc, mica, magnesite, illite, pyrophyllite, vermiculite, sepiolite, attapulgite, and rectorite. Its performance characteristics are: First, safe and reliable, its grinding cavity without rolling bearings, no screws, there is no bearing and its seals are vulnerable problems Second, clean, environmental protection, the use of pulse dust collector and muffler to reduce dust pollution And noise, to meet the national environmental standards Third, the investment cost is low. With the same fineness, less investment is required than jet mill, the cost is low, and the recovery cycle is short. Fourth, the rate of high flour. With the same finished product fineness and power consumption, the output is 45% higher than that of jet mill and agitator mill.SBM superfine pulverizer is a superb desulfurization technology that fully meets the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving, and is superior in performance. It is worthy of being the first choice! The country pays more and more attention to the protection of the environment. The term “environmental protection” has long run through everybody’s mind and acts as a crusher. As the leading company in milling machines, SBM Technology will continue to actively respond to national policies and bring the concept of environmental protection to the research and development of equipment to contribute to the country's environmental protection.http://www.sbmcrush.com/products/grinding/scm-ultrafine-mill.html
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