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Description: The best way to reduce the noise pollution of jaw crusher
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The best method for reducing the noise pollution of jaw crusher is that the size of the helical bevel of the crusher is large, and it is difficult for the workers to process it. Some errors may occur during the processing. The crusher's spiral cone hammer gear, horizontal rotating shaft, eccentric sleeve and main shaft are greatly deviated during installation. The harsh environment in which the Stone crushing equipment is produced can cause gear rattle and increase the friction. The eccentric sleeve and the horizontal axis of rotation will rotate unbalanced. Jaw crusher commonly known as smashed, also known as tiger mouth. The jaw crusher consists of two jaws, a dynamic jaw and a static jaw, to simulate the two-fold motion of the animal and complete the crusher for crushing the material.Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry Crusher is mainly used as coarse crusher and medium crusher in mines, building materials, infrastructure and other departments. In accordance with the size of the inlet width is divided into large, medium and small three, the feed port width is greater than 600MM for the large machine, the feed port width of 300-600MM for the medium machine, the feed port width of less than 300MM is small The highest compressive strength of the broken material is 320 MPa. The jaw crusher has a simple structure, is easy to manufacture and works reliably. The working part of the jaw crusher is two jaws. One is the fixed jaw (fixed jaw). The vertical jaw (or the upper end is slightly cambered) is fixed on the front wall of the body. The other is the movable jaw (moving jaw). Tilt, with a fixed jaw plate forming a large and small crushing chamber (work chamber). The activity sacral plate performs periodical reciprocating motions against the fixed sacral plate, which are separated by time and time. When separated, the material enters the crushing chamber, and the finished product is discharged from the lower part; when it is close to the material, the material installed between the two fascia boards is broken by crushing, bending and chapping.
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