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Description: Sand washing machine screen has better expansion effect when there is expansion force
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The sand washing machine filters the sand by the sorting function of the screen. The sand washing machine requires strong toughness and wear resistance for the material of the screen. After repeated verification by our technicians, it is determined that the sand washing effect will be better when there is expansion force of the sand washing machine screen. Below, we will repeat the process of the sand washing machine test.First, a sand washing machine with quality inspection was selected from the sand washing machine manufacturing workshop and transported to a sand washing machine near the factory for testing. The sand washing machine can be turned on after determining that the power connection is normal, the electric control cabinet, the bearing, and the runner are inspected.Secondly, the sand is fed into the rotating bucket through the belt conveyor, and then the water is pumped to the water. Under the impact of the water, the dust contained in the sand is cleaned, and the gravel and wood chips are separated by the screen. The size of the screen is essentially the size of the mesh, and the diameter of the wire of the woven mesh directly affects the size of the mesh. In order to ensure the uniformity of the size of the screen, China has established a standard for the screen, which specifies the diameter of the thread and the size of the screen and its error.For the sander screen, we change a variety of materials. For example, nylon, manganese steel, high-chromium alloy, rubber, stainless steel, etc., screens of different materials are installed on the sand washing machine for sand washing work. After 10 days of continuous operation of the sand washing machine, it is found that the mesh holes of different materials have different degrees of wear. The chrome-manganese screen with tension is less worn. Therefore, it is best to wash the sand when the screen of the sand washing machine has a certain tension.
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