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Description: SBM new type sand making machine has high degree of automation
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Sand (sand) is an indispensable building material for industrial development and national infrastructure. There is no such thing as economic construction without sand! However, due to excessive mining and the rapid development of the national economy, natural river sand can no longer keep up with the needs of the development of the times. Furthermore, the transitional mining severely damages the environment. At this time, machine-made sand is produced. Not only protects the environment, but also meets the different requirements of different users for sand.However, the key factor that affects sand making is sand making equipment. Good sand making equipment can greatly increase sand production and improve the quality of sand. But how can we choose a good sand making machine? For most users, it is a difficult problem. The editor specially invited the senior SBM engineer to let him solve this difficult problem for everyone.The amount of sand produced is a basic criterion for measuring the quality of a Artificial Sand Making Machine. If the amount of sand produced is too small and the dust produced is too much, then this sand making machine is neither environmentally friendly nor energy-saving, so it will naturally be eliminated of. Many users are very curious. They obviously bought the same equipment, the appearance looks similar, and the various performances are basically the same. Why do some sand machines produce more sand, but some have less?The new type of sand making equipment can handle more sand and gravel, with higher output and higher efficiency, the use steps are more simple and convenient, the complete set of sand making production line is more complete, and the level of automation is higher. Various numerical control systems, control components, encoders, and other digital devices have been injected into the new sand making machine equipment, making the sand making machine more intelligent. And the operation is not restricted too much, it is more flexible, the accuracy of the operation steps is significantly improved, each operation is relatively independent, and the sand making machine equipment is not easy to cause accumulation and blockage when working. Therefore, the efficiency of the sand making equipment is higher, the compatibility is better, the performance is stable, the power consumption is smaller, the cost of the company's sand production line is greatly reduced, the strength of the pressure resistance is greater, and the granularity of the sand is more The ground is uniform, the shape is more excellent, and it is cubic, which is very suitable for manual sand making and stone shaping. In addition, the equipment of the sand making machine is hydraulic, so it is very simple to disassemble the internal parts for maintenance, which greatly shortens the time. The new type of sand making equipment is more in line with the national building standards and can greatly improve the quality of the building.The sand making equipment is roughly the same, there will not be a big difference, but the finished product may be very different. What is the reason for this? Actually, the main problem is the physical properties of the raw materials. The hardness and fineness of the raw materials will directly affect the output of the sand making machine. Generally, when the sand making machine is running, the feed The preferred size is about three to five centimeters. If the size is too large or too small, it will directly affect the output. In addition to raw materials, the viscosity and humidity of the materials will also have a certain impact on the output of the sand making machine. Many materials will become sticky and wet at high temperatures. It will not only affect the output of the sand making machine, but also cause damage to the interior of the sand making machine. Therefore, in the sand making process, you must choose the right The material of the sand making machine itself.Many people will often ignore the role of auxiliary equipment, and feel that it will not have an intuitive impact on sand making, so it is naturally ignored, but in fact, but in fact suitable auxiliary equipment is often crucial. Not only will it affect the output of the sand making machine, but it may also affect the service life of the sand making machine.
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