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After we talked about the installation and commissioning of the Raymond mill, let's learn how to operate the raymond mill. First of all, before the Raymond mill is started, it should be checked whether all the inspection doors are closed tightly. Check whether the jaw gap of the crusher meets the feed size and the speed of the analyzer should be adjusted to approximate the finished grain size. Finally, boot in the following order.The starting sequence of the mill is: 1. Start the bucket elevator; 2. Start the jaw crusher ( jaw crusher); 3. Start the analyzer after the material is stored in the silo; 4. Start the blower (empty) The load starts, and then loads after normal operation; 5. Start the Raymond mill mainframe, and immediately start the electromagnetic vibrating feeder immediately after starting the host. At this point, Raymond grinding work is the beginning.Since it is difficult to remember in one, two, three, so the summary of Raymond mill operation sequence is as follows: start: hoist → crusher → analysis machine → fan → host → feeder. This is much easier for newcomers who are just getting in touch.Then introduce the Raymond mill shutdown when the machine should be shut down in the following order: Ore Milling Equipment stop sequence is: feeder → host → blower → analyzer. This is simple, specifically: 1, first shut down the feeder to stop feeding; 2, about one minute after stopping the host; 3, after blowing the residual powder to stop the blower; 4, finally shut down the analyzer. Note: After the hoist transports the material to the silo for a certain amount, stop the crusher and then stop the hoist. This should be changed by the current storage capacity. This place should pay special attention.The last other precautions: Raymond mill is not allowed to refuel during normal operation. To ensure production safety, abnormal noise occurs in any part of the mill, or the load suddenly increases, stop immediately and check to eliminate the fault. A major accident occurred. When you continue to turn on the machine, you must take out the remaining material in the mill. Otherwise, the current will be too large when starting up, which will affect the startup.
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