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Description: R-Raymond mill vibration larger reasons
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R type Raymond mill in cement production and processing of various ore materials milling is widely used in the R-Raymond grinding operation, the vibration of the equipment to the entire milling system production and operation have a great impact. Here, we briefly analyze the raymond mill vibration larger reasons.1, R type Raymond mill in the material grinding milling process, the formation of the material layer has a certain level of grading. This requires that the particle size of the raw material to be ground to meet a certain range of requirements, because the particle size is too small will lead to the destruction of the balance of grading, resulting in material layer rigidity and toughness weakened. In the meantime, if the hardness of the stone is larger, the abrasion of the grinding roller ring will be aggravated when the R-type grinding roller grinds powder, which leads to the vibration of the R-Raymond Mill larger.2, in the R-type Raymond mill milling process, if the material layer thickness control is inappropriate, or the material bed is unstable, can also cause R-Raymond mill vibration larger situation. R-type Raymond mill caused by this reason generally larger vibration, easy to cause equipment vibration stop. In the moment of vibration stop there will be inlet pressure, mill pressure difference, the main motor current at the same time the rapid rise of the phenomenon.3, when the R type Raymond mill grinding material, grinding cavity ventilation is unreasonable affect the bed thickness and stability of the important factors. For example, in the R type Raymond mill ventilation is too small, it is easy to lead to a large number of finished powder can not be timely delivery and discharge. In this way, the content of fine powder on the grinding disc and the slag will gradually increase, eventually leading to larger vibration of the R-type Raymond mill.4, if R type Raymond mill system failure, such as grinding roller wear serious, torque rod and tendon damage, hydraulic system failure, etc., will cause R type Raymond mill vibration larger. In addition, R type Raymond mill into the foreign body, belt scale break or loss of control or fluctuations, grinding temperature is too high, is also caused by R-Raymond mill vibration larger important factor.
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