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Description: Raymond abrasion power consumption of what factors?
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Raymond mill are the important components of high-quality steel, wear-resistant parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials, the whole high wear resistance, reliable operation; in the development of testing machine out of innovation and other aspects of the process of raymond mill Manufacturers will do enough market development process, from the perspective of innovation, environmental protection technology as the primary goal of development, based on the original function enhancements, production increases, production line automation processes.Raymond mill output larger, on the basis of the same product requirements, the use of Raymond Mill is usually more economical than the air mill, which greatly reduces the capital investment in equipment, saving the use of venues, maintenance Maintenance costs are relatively reduced. In the ultra-fine Raymond machine production, if the feed rate is too fast, resulting in increased load, resulting in the machine blockage. Therefore, the Raymond mill feed process, the user should always pay attention to changes in the angle of the ammeter pointer deflection, if more than the rated current, indicating that the motor overload. It is noteworthy that, if the motor overload for a long time, it will burn out the motor. At this time, the door should be immediately reduced or closed, you can also change the way of feeding, feeding by adding more to control the amount of feed.Mainframe blade holder is always in contact with the material in operation, so the blade holder is composed of two parts up and down, the bottom of the wear and tear removal of the connection bolts can be changed; Raymond mill manufacturers specializing in the production of various specifications and types of milling equipment, baking Drying machine, crusher, shredder, wood flour machine, advanced production technology, reasonable price, quality assurance, please consult purchase!
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