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Description: Raymond mill automatic feeding device adjustment method
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In the Raymond mill milling operation, there is a certain error due to the manual feed method, can not guarantee the uniform uniformity of the raymond mill feed, it is easy to cause the Raymond mill host mill cavity accumulation of material accumulation blockage or intermittent idling Case. The electromagnetic vibration feeding device, instead of manual Raymond mill automatic feeding way, can achieve continuous and uniform feeding, effectively avoiding the disadvantages of manual feeding, with low power, stable operation, easy maintenance and so on . Here, we focus on the Raymond mill automatic feeder adjustment method.When Raymond mill milling process, automatic feeding automation is achieved through the main motor and current to achieve. When the Raymond mill fan normal operation, if the host current exceeds the rated current will automatically stop the feed, the current dropped to the specified range will automatically feed. It can be said that this way of feeding is mainly through the current relay disconnect and connect the control voltage of silicon to achieve automatic feeding.In the Raymond mill milling operation, when the automatic feeding starts, turn the main switch of the control cabinet to the automatic position and gradually increase the potentiometer R1 knob on the control cabinet to reach the rated value range and keep stable status. At the same time, according to the rated current of the host to adjust the current relay sliding wall, change the relay operating current, the rise, the normally closed contact disconnected, the current will drop immediately closed, the Raymond mill always maintain the best working condition, Will not cause air grinding or overload, to ensure the efficiency of Raymond grinding flour.In addition, Raymond mill automatic dosing devices may also stop feeding in the event of a fan failure. DDL-12/6 overcurrent relay has two coils, when the series of its operating current can be adjusted from 1.5-3 amperes.
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