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Description: Raymond Mill's Principle of Fineness Adjustment
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Raymond Mill is widely used in industrial milling equipment and plays an extremely important role in industrial production. The important parameter for evaluating the quality of a mill is the fineness of the mill. Without the high precision of the ancestral effect, need to understand the working principle of Raymond Mill, in order to have a good fineness adjustment method. Raymond Mill's working principle: The working principle is to understand the important content of a set of equipment, have a clear understanding of the principle of the mill, in order to have an accurate grasp of raymond mill as a whole. The operation of the entire equipment is the rotation of the shaft driven by the use of a motor and a speed reducer, and the entire rotation device mounted on the main shaft makes the entire system operate smoothly according to its reasonable composition. The grinding roller ring rotates around the main shaft, the grinding roller cooperates with the grinding ring, and the grinding roller forms a rotation due to friction. The entire rotating system drives the blade under the ink roller, and the same one forms a wedge-shaped gap with the structure of the grinding roller ring. The material is shoveled by the blade and is ground into fine particles by the rotating roller to complete the entire milling process. The milled powder is screened by a separator and then collected by a cyclone collector through a piping system. The dust generated in the process is effectively dusted by the dust removal system and is free from pollution during production. This completes the entire process. Raymond Mill fineness adjustment method: In the milling process, the process of selecting the powder is especially important. After the crushed material, the powdered material is selected into the powder separator. This process is generally driven by the motor rotating blades to form a rotating vortex, the rising powder according to the size of the particle size sorting. The particle size of the powder can be obtained by adjusting the rotation speed of the separator blades to collect powders with different particle sizes. The higher the rotation speed of the leafhopper, the higher the sorting particle size. Conversely, the blades rotate slowly and the finer the sorting particle size. Here we can understand that the particle size of the collected powder can be controlled by adjusting the rotation speed of the classifier blade, and then the material with higher fineness can be processed. Materials that have not been sorted by the separators of the Raymond Mill will be ground as they are thrown again into the grinding. All sorting powders have a cyclone collection system for the best collection of materials. The collected materials can be directly used for various processing or direct packaging and transportation. Realizing the powder fineness adjustment of Raymond Mill needs to analyze the whole equipment's transport principle and find out the best solution through careful analysis, so that the milled fine powder will be better suited to industrial production, while saving equipment. Upgrade costs.
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