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At about 11 a.m. yesterday morning, the reporter learned from relevant departments of the city that around 5 o'clock on the same day, a suspected raymond mill dust explosion occurred at Shengxin Ferroalloy Distribution Office in Shuiye Town of the county, causing 7 people to be injured and 3 of them were being sent to the hospital. He died after being seriously injured. Another person died in hospital and died. The other 3 people are actively treating.After the accident, the main leaders of the city and county rushed to the scene of the accident to guide the rescue. They were required to spare no effort to treat the wounded at all costs and organize related matters. Raymond Mill was also organized to carry out safety production throughout the county. The investigation, as a guide, learned lessons and resolutely prevented similar accidents from happening. Raymond Mill is also known as Raymond Mill Dolomite Milling Solutions.Raymond Mill, also known as raymond mill, is suitable for all kinds of ore preparation and pulverized coal preparation.Yesterday afternoon, the reporter was informed that Raymond Miller focused on this matter and the city’s main leaders discussed the main leaders of the county party committee and county government. At present, the city has set up an accident investigation team and immediately stationed in the county to carry out various tasks for accident investigation. At 5 pm, the city held a citywide emergency work safety meeting. At the meeting, the city’s relevant leaders demanded that lessons be learned from accidents, that the string of safety production be tightened at all times, that they act immediately, and that inspections, major rectifications, and non-compliance should be done. Seriously investigate and eliminate potential safety hazards and strictly crack down on illegal illegal activities.
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