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Description: What are the common faults encountered by ore crushers?
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What are the common faults encountered by ore crushers? In the mining industry, the ore crusher is a material processing and processing equipment, and its maintenance can be said to be crucial. In the process of using the equipment, if there is a failure, it will affect the overall operation of the equipment, which will bring relatively large economic losses to the enterprise. In order to ensure that the Quarry crusher can work smoothly during the work, then we need to reduce the failure rate of the crusher to a degraded state. What are the common faults in the ore crusher during daily work? Let's analyze it:
First, when the problem of the belt in the crusher is turned over, it indicates that the belt is worn out, and we need to correct it in time or replace it with a new one. Because of the problem of belt loading, the crusher hammer needs to adjust the pulley to the same plane. *** Be sure to pay special attention to the quality of the V-belt itself.
Second, when the ore crusher has abnormal vibration, it indicates that the material is too large. At this time, it is necessary to check the hammer head in time. If the machine malfunctions, see if the hammer is worn out. If the hammer type is replaced, the use surface of the hammer head can be used. The rotor imbalance can't be ignored, and it needs to be adjusted to a good state in time.
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