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Description: Mobile Crusher - Car Mobile Breaking Production Line
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The crusher, as its name implies, is mainly used for ore crushing. It is an indispensable equipment in the beneficiation site. The traditional Portable crusher plant requires multiple equipments to work together to build a production line for feeding, screening, crushing and conveying. , For a fixed source of production site, strong applicability, in the harsh conditions, small space production site, mobile crusher is more applicable, strong mobility, flexible shuttle to the major production sites, omitting the production line construction, material handling links, Being able to go deep into the front line of production, the performance of the work that is not fixed in the scope of work is very popular, and therefore it plays an important role in the crushing industry.Mobile crusher, more advanced performance upgradesAfter the performance of the mobile crusher, the work advantage is more significant, especially the increase of mobility, so that the working performance of the whole equipment is even more powerful, the crushing technology is more advanced, and the material crushing is more flexible.1, PLC control system, high degree of intelligencePLC control system, touch screen display, working parameters, equipment start and stop, misoperation prompts, etc., can achieve one-button centralized operation, high degree of intelligence, precise control of finished product taste;2, folded structure, independent production lineFolding fuselage design, small and exquisite models, occupying a smaller space, in-depth production front, independent production lines, a machine to assume multiple roles, transportation, screening, crushing, transportation can be achieved, omitting the production line construction, material handling links The operating mode is more flexible;3, ship type steel frame structure, stable workThe ship-shaped steel frame structure increases the load per unit area and reduces the vibration generated during the work of the fuselage. The whole crushing system works stably, and it can show good environmental adaptability for harsh production conditions;4, strong power, with the use of go, with stop productionThe installation of special motors, support for no electricity, low power operation, strong power, in the difficult conditions of the production site, still able to stabilize production, good mobility support with stop using, more flexible production.
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