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Description: Mobile crushing station failure of the six factors
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Mobile crushing station is in use when problems are normal, no one is absolutely no problem, there are problems in a timely manner to solve the processing side is to protect the quality of products, then the impact of equipment failure what is it? Let's understand from below.Design planIn the planning of the design, it is difficult to estimate the future working conditions of the machinery and equipment and give full consideration to the possible variation. Inconsistent design, design drawings and technical documents lax review is an important reason for the failure.2 material selectionIn the design, manufacture and maintenance, we must choose the correct material according to the nature and characteristics of the parts work. Improper selection of materials, or inconsistent material standards, or the use of inappropriate substitutes are the main causes of wear, corrosion, over-deformation, pox, rupture, and aging phenomena. In addition. In the process of manufacture and maintenance of mobile crusher, many materials undergo thermal processing such as casting, forging, welding and heat treatment. The metallurgical structure, mechanical and physical properties, etc. of the material often change during the process. Heating and cooling The impact is particularly important.3 manufacturing qualityThere are errors in every manufacturing process. Process conditions and the dispersion of the material is bound to make the parts in the casting, forging, welding, heat treatment and machining process has accumulated concentrated, local and microscopic microstructure defects, such as micro-cracks. These defects are often overlooked in the process of inspection. Part manufacturing quality can not meet the requirements of the mechanical equipment life is not long an important reason.4. Assembly qualityFirst mobile crushing station to have the correct requirements. The limit values ​​for mating clearance include the tough initial clearance after assembly. The initial interval between Europe is too large, the effective life will be shortened. Assembly accuracy of the mutual position between the various parts is also very important, if not meet the requirements of Taiwan caused by additional stress, bias and other consequences of accelerated failure.5. Reasonable maintenanceAccording to the principle of reasonable process, economical and reasonable, the principle of production is reasonable and the maintenance is carried out reasonably, the key is to select and apply the repair process rationally and pay attention to the preparations, repairs and repairs before the repairs.6. Correct useIn the normal use of mobile crushing station conditions, changes. There are several main types to ensure the quality of maintenance.(1) Load: The main reason for wear and tear of mechanical equipment is wear and fatigue of parts. Under the provisions of the use of parts, wear parts in the unit time is the size of a linear relationship with the load. The fatigue damage of parts only occurs under a certain alternating load and aggravates with the increase of them. Therefore, both wear and fatigue are a function of the load. When the load exceeds the design rating, it will cause violent damage, which is not allowed.(2) Environment: It includes the effects of climate, corrosive media and other harmful media, as well as the status of the work object. Increased temperature, increased wear and corrosion; Excessive humidity and air in the presence of shoulder media, resulting in corrosion and corrosion wear; dust in the air too much, poor working conditions will affect the damage. However, the environment is an objective factor that can be artificially improved in some cases.(3) maintenance and operation: to establish a reasonable maintenance and repair system, strict implementation of technical maintenance and use of operating procedures is to ensure the mobile crushing station work desirable and improve the service life of an important condition. In addition, there is a need to train people to improve their quality and level.Through the above analysis of the cause of the mobile crushing failure, we can find the answers we want in the above factors, then this requires that we deal with the problem, the need for timely detection and find the best solution.
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