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Description: Reuse of Construction Waste by Mobile Crushing Station
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Mobile crushing station can treat construction waste as brick material, not only in the aspect of construction waste treatment, mobile crushing station can also be used to crush pebbles in rivers into artificial sand, in a word, there are always areas that can be applied. Mobile crushing station is an important part of circular economy, which can effectively solve the recycling and reuse of construction waste. In the process of recycling waste resources and materials, it not only reduces waste emissions, but also generates new reused materials, which can kill two birds with one stone.

Mobile crushing station can be called the most efficient, flexible, convenient and practical equipment for municipal construction waste crusher. The annual amount of construction waste in China has accounted for up to 40% of the total amount of municipal waste, which has become a difficult problem in waste management. Data show that in the past 50 years, China has produced at least 20 billion cubic meters of clay brick products, and most of them will be converted into building solid waste in the next 50 years. The mobile crushing station will turn construction waste into treasure. The recycled environmental protection products produced by construction waste through raw material activation, physical treatment and reasonable gradation have obvious advantages in compression resistance, flexure resistance and heat insulation. Mobile crushing station has completely changed the traditional economy and realized the recycling of construction waste. After sorting, removing or crushing, most of the construction waste can be reused as renewable resources, such as scrap steel bar, scrap iron wire, scrap wire and various scrap steel fittings. After sorting, centralizing and refining, it can be processed into various specifications of steel; scrap bamboo wood can be used to make artificial wood. Material; Waste materials such as bricks, stones and concrete can be crushed to replace sand. They can be used for masonry mortar, plastering mortar, laying concrete cushion, etc. They can also be used to make building materials such as blocks, paving bricks and plaid bricks.

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