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WritingRoom Author F. Paul Wilson
Date of Birth 05/17/1946
Gender Male
Location Jerse Shore
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    • I was born toward the end of the Jurassic Period and raised in New Jersey where I misspent my youth playing with matches, poring over Uncle Scrooge and E.C. comics, reading Lovecraft, Matheson, Bradbury, and Heinlein, listening to Chuck Berry and Alan Freed, and watching Soupy Sales and horror movies. I sold my first story in the Cretaceous Period and have been writing ever since. (Even that dinosaur-killer asteroid couldn't stop me.)

      I've written in just about every genre - science fiction, fantasy, horror, a children's Christmas book (with a monster, of course), medical thrillers, political thrillers, a New Age thriller, even a religious thriller (long before that DaVinci thing). So far I've got about 40-odd books and 100 or so short stories under my name in 24 languages.

      Braggadocio: THE KEEP, THE TOMB, HARBINGERS, and BY THE SWORD were New York Times Bestsellers. WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS won the first Prometheus Award in 1979; THE TOMB received the 1984 Porgie Award from The West Coast Review of Books. My novelette "Aftershock" received the 1999 Bram Stoker Award for short fiction and somewhere along the way I picked up the Inkpot Award. The World Horror Convention voted me Grand Master and the Horror Writers of America gave me their Lifetime Achievement Award. DYDEETOWN WORLD was on the young adult recommended reading lists of the American Library Association and the New York Public Library, among others (God knows why). And I'm listed in the 50th anniversary edition of Who's Who in America. (That plus $3 will buy you a coffee at Starbucks.)

      My novel THE KEEP was made into a visually striking but otherwise incomprehensible movie (screenplay and direction by Michael Mann) from Paramount in 1983. My original teleplay "Glim-Glim" first aired on Monsters. An adaptation of my short story "Menage a Trois" was part of the pilot for The Hunger series that debuted on Showtime in July 1997.

      And then there's the epic saga of the Repairman Jack film. After twelve years in development hell with half a dozen writers and at least a dozen scripts, THE TOMB is finally moving toward production as "Repairman Jack" from Beacon Films. The plan is to make Jack a franchise character. (Gotta tell you: A dozen-plus years of this has worn me out.)

      I've done a few collaborations too. One with Steve Spruill on NIGHTKILL, and a bunch with Matthew J. Costello. Matt and I did world design, characters, and story arcs for Sci-Fi Channel's FTL NewsFeed, a daily newscast set 150 years in the future. An FTL NewsFeed was the first program broadcast by the new channel when it launched in September 1992. We took over scripting the Newsfeeds (the equivalent of a 4-1/2 hour movie per year) in 1994 and continued until its cancellation in December 1996.

      We did script and design for MATHQUEST WITH ALADDIN (Disney Interactive - 1997) with voices by Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters, and the same for The Interactive DARK HALF for Orion Pictures, based on the Stephen King novel, but this project was orphaned when MGM bought Orion. (It's officially vaporware now.) We even wrote a stageplay, "Syzygy," which opened in St. Augustine, Florida, in March, 2000.

      I'm tired of talking about myself, so I'll close by saying that I live and work at the Jersey Shore where I'm usually pounding away on a new Repairman Jack novel and haunting eBay for strange clocks and Daddy Warbucks memorabilia. (No, I don't have a cat.)

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      on 6/4/2010 10:51:16 AM
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      MorlockKeeper   MorlockKeeper wrote
      on 11/5/2009 10:07:31 PM
      I wrote you an email a month ago. I'd like an answer. I've stolen plenty of your books from the book stores, so I think I deserve one.

      FPaulWilson   FPaulWilson wrote
      on 9/28/2009 8:02:25 AM
      Thanks, Morlockkeeper. After 40+ novels, I could have pages of good blurbs too, but they're kind of repetitious and who reads them any way? Sometimes they're there to fill up leftover space. As you know, the Jack series is reaching its end and so there's less and less time for Jack to do those "awesome fix-its." (Plus, they ain't easy to come up with.) My personal faves are the ones you mentioned plus the ones from ALL THE RAGE. FPW

      MorlockKeeper   MorlockKeeper wrote
      on 9/28/2009 1:07:35 AM
      Hey. Wanted to say I'm currently reading Repairman Jack: Ground Zero. I like it, but not as much as The Tomb, All the Rage, The Haunted Air, and Crisscross (Crisscross was the best to date!). Those four are the greatest Repairman Jacks. I also say you are one of the most entertaining writers I've ever encountered. The Keep was astounding. But something keeps bugging me. I never see a small booklet of reviews of your work anywhere in the book. Stephen King and others always have a few pages dedicated for reviews. But yours does not. And I think I know why. It's the bias reviewers. Your works aren't exactly "politically correct" so the reviewers aren't too keen on praising your works. Your publisher puts reviews from other authors on your books, so this has to be true. In By the Sword, you wrote something like, "He looked like a bellhop at the Hotel Rwanda." And in Ground Zero, you compared a black girls hair to a Chia Pet's hair. That was great. I'm not racist, but that was funny. I'm glad there are still people like you that are not bound by conformities society has "recently" put into place. You are an amazing author, and I look forward to your next installment of Repairman Jack. P.S. My brother and I are wondering if Jack is going to have any more awesome fix-its like he did in Crisscross and The Haunted Air. The scene in Crisscross when he kills Richard Cordova is the best in the series.

writing FPaulWilson
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