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Member Name Faith S.
Date of Birth 05/17/1987
Gender Female
Location New Orleans, LA
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    • My name is Faith S., I'm twenty-two, I've been married for three years, I have no kids (but I do have three step-kids), and I am a life coach. I am also a freelance writer who is very passionate about writing a topic on anything and everything. I am a strong individual who can put up with anything. I am passionate, strong, experienced, fair, and tough. I rule my world with a silver tongue and a iron fist.
      I currently moderate a few online support groups: (1) Open Arms Life School for Women, (2) Scene Zone for Teens, and Successful Living - available on Yahoo!, MySpace, MSN, Vois, and other online communities. Contact me if you're interested in them. I'm passionate about writing. Writing allows me to escape, to be honest with myself on multiple topics that surround me in this world, writing allows my spiritual guides to speak to me, writing allows me to go deeper & seek my own personal truth. After I finish writing, I feel relieved, calm, expressive, and very collective. I am just so happy when I get to write out my feelings & thoughts, writing gives me a chance to be me, and I don't have to worry about saying the wrong thing or offending anybody - I can always tell my side of the story.
      When I'm online, there are a lot of different interests I love to look up including: books, cultures & beliefs, family, finance, games, health, hobbies & interests, movies, music, news & politics, sports, travel, TV, women's interests, and oh-so-much more! I hope you'll stay in touch and in tune with my blog. I enjoy reading, cooking, arts & crafts, spirituality, business, games & puzzles, technology, self-improvement, shopping, movies, music, computers, and writing.
      I would call myself an inspirational person willing to help others out and help them realize their full potential. I have plenty of gifts to share with the world but only if they're willing to accept them!
      Love Only, ~ *Dimples*

        • No Disrespect by Sistah Souljah, Resilience: Reflections on the Burdens and Gifts of Facing Life's Adversities by Elizabeth Edwards, For the Love of Money by Omar Tyree, In the Company of My Sisters by Angie Davis,

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