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I’ve compared the beginning stages of writing a book to dragging a dead body. I’ve never actually dragged a dead body, but it sure feels that way as I struggle to get to know characters who hide their true natures from me and the plot either veers wildly or thuds with lead feet. It’s hard to get in the groove. So I struggle, the words coming slowly until… magic. The stars align and I’m no longer dragging the book, but I’m hanging on for dear life as it fulfills its destiny.

I’m in magic time right now with my fourth thriller featuring police detective Nan Vining. It’s come into its own and is taking some delicious twists. That’s all I’ll say for now as I don’t like discussing my work in progress. Like trying to describe a dream, putting it into words robs the magic somehow.

But, I have a publication date! Nan Vining #4 will be out in late February 2010. The mass market paperback of THE DEEPEST CUT (Nan Vining #3) will be out in late January.

Rave reviews keep coming in for THE DEEPEST CUT. It received a starred review from Booklist and was a Romantic Times “Top Pick”!


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I have plenty of upcoming Appearances. Hopefully, I’ll be in an area close to you as I’d love to meet you. Here’s a photo of me and Joseph Wambaugh at the L.A. Times Festival of Books in April.

I’ve also started Twittering. I’ve been on Facebook for a while. While I got into the social networking scene reluctantly, I have to admit that I’m as addicted to it as any college freshman. So, follow me and friend me!

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L.A. Times bestselling author of the Detective Nan Vining thrillers.
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