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Member Name David Booher
Date of Birth 01/18/1979
Gender Male
Location Los Angeles
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    • Hello fellow travelers! I am an attorney by training and an aspiring horror and science-fiction writer by passion. The bug bit me a few years ago, and I keep shaking and shaking, but it just won't let go. It's led me to write my first novel, Heaviside (which I'll discuss more under "Writings"); think Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Michael Crichton.

      I am the Marketing Director for Ex Machina Press, an independent publisher, Come check us out! Among our editors are some very talented authors: Magical Realist Mark D'Anna (, author of Big Brown Bag and Horror/Science Fiction Guru Peter Balaskas, author of Grandmaster (from Bards and Sages Press).

      For more, fellow traveler, check out my interests...

        • Authors, what a question! There are so many, and they vary so widely. I'll start with the King. Yes, Stephen King. And Dean Koontz. And Michael Crichton. And Clive Barker. Enough with the big guys.

          I liked Scott Smith's The Ruins; Joe Hill's Heart-Shaped Box; anything Michael Chabon; Sarah Gruen's Water for Elephants (which sold 1.2 million in paperback and just hit 52 weeks on NYT Bestseller list); Yann Martel's Life of Pi; anything Kurt Vonnegut; all the crazy coming out of Chuck Palahniuk; anything by Robert McCammon.

          I'll add more as I think of them.

        • I can't say I know many screenwriters, but as for movies, do was have hours, here, or what? Days even? I'll lay out just a few of my favorites:

          Philadephia -- one of the most moving flicks ever recorded
          The Shining -- the scariest movie ever made
          The Goonies -- because this is my list, and I love that movie!!
          Lord of the Rings Trilogy
          Star Wars -- both old and new. I don't care what anyone says, it's still STAR WARS!!
          All the Nightmare on Elm Street movies -- Freddy kicks some booty
          Aliens movies

          and the list goes on and on.

        • I'm not a huge music guy, but I have some favs. Alanis Morissette, Sarah McLachlan, The Fray, James Morrison, U2, David Cook from American Idol (oops, did that slip in there? hehe), and others, which I'll add when they come to me...

        • This one's too easy!

          Family Guy
          American Dad
          Any other Fox animated show? (except King of the Hill. It's a hill of somethin', all right.)
          Adult Swim's masterpieces: Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen
          Squarebob Spongepants

          Ghost Hunters!!!
          American Idol

          Terminator, Sarah Connor
          CSI: Las Vegas, the only one that matters

        • MARVEL ZOMBIES!!

          I'm into golden age stuff. And horror. And I still love Mad Magazine. No matter what!

          I'll be at San Diego Comiccon this year. Anyone else?

        • Ginsberg and T.S. Eliot. There will be nothing better than The Waste Lands. Our world is better for having it.

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writing DavidB
Heaviside -- what is out there?
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