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Member Name Christina Lee Kelley
Date of Birth 10/01/1962
Gender Female
Location 3050 Hualapai Mtn.Rd.#316
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    • Well I love writing Poetry! Its apart of me, I feel!! A large part of my life, "Self-Expression" in Poetry, Rhyming form is so Near and Dear to my heart!! Always has been, since I was 9 years old. I love the Great Outdoors too!! I also love "Outdoor Photography!" Very much! Just to take a Beaufiul flower and with its natural rocks around it just so, to the degree that is pleasing to the "Eye" is worth taking a photo of to me. Just like no matter where I am, if a Poem comes to me, I've got to get to a peice of paper and a pen, and begin to write it down. I can't just write poetry. That's any good anyway!! I feel. I can sit down and write poetry, but to write it when it comes to you in the oddest places like the grocery store or while in the bathroom or shower is something else!! That's when you have to remember it until you can get to paper and pen imediately!!I have 4+4=8 Offspring!! Four children 2 grown and 2 teenagers....Plus 3 granddaughters, and 1 grandson.. We all are a very close knit family, and learnning from one another all the time. We are all believers. My youngest 3 never knew anything else but church and Godly people music and so forth, until I took back my Ex.. Then, we all backslid a bit for quite a few years. I'm just now coming back to the Lord, praise God! But, I never once stopped believing or praying even during those backslid years!! He's my Rock and my foundation!! Something America desperately needs in our Nation!! God in Schools, and talked about and teens praying together and for one another! The works!! Wouldn't that be so "Awesome!!" Okay cutting this short now! Ciao!

        • I love the "King James Version" of the Holy bible.. This time around I bought myself a New Version of the King James, so I could learn how to become a Missionary one day. It's a teaching sort of bible this one is. There once was a day when I loved quoting scripture to friends and family even while in conversation with them. However my memory isn't what it used to be stemmed from being hit by a truck back in 2001.. I have short term memory loss.
          I really enjoyed reading Goldie Hawn's "A Lotus Grows In The Mud" she's funny, very loving, caring, REAL, and I just love everything about her! Except their are a couple of "Moral Issue's" I wish she'd change. Or God would change about her. I've read so many books on Drug and Alcohol related Converting's. Those who saw the devil and went through the fire & Brimstone to finally wake-up to a very loving God who saw them through their Hellish experiences alive! Love those kinds of books! Love Non Fiction! Biography's too!

        • "Forrest Gump"....I just love Tom Hanks character in this movie. He's so honest and kind, caring, and smarter than most people, in a slow way was all. Jenny's lifestyle reminded me of mine some bits and peices of it, in my past anyway.. People say I looked just like her in my young years! Quite thee compliment!! Family and those who've known me for years and years that is, anyway. Love movies based on true stories! Romance, action, and suspense.

        • Call me a "Universal Music Lover!!" I love music from a bit of country, to some RAP, to RAGGAE, to Contemperary, to Motown, and of course Christian Music, and if anyone knows of a singer from back in the late 80s, early 90s, who was a Christian singer named Jon Gibson.. And where I can go about buying his music, his old stuff, I would appreciate it so much if you could email me!! So much!! Thank-you!! Smile!!

        • Love comedy, suspense, CSI, half hour sitcoms, and GAME SHOWS!!! I am a GAME SHOWaholic!!!HaHaHa!!! Especially the more challenging the more I love them!! Like "Jeopardy"!! Yeah NOW!!!

        • My Deseast Uncle Jake......WE need to publish his work!! One of these days in his honor. I also loved at one time in my life "Gahlil Gabrahn" I think is how you spell his name.

        • This site is now becomming one of my favorites if I can just figure things out and how they work. It's a bit frustrating when you dont know what your doing and have no one to ask how to do it right. I pray I get this site down and one day look back and do the same thing I did on Y/A........Yahoo/Questions....And just know what to do and how and where to do it at!! Please Dear God guide my steps through this site so I dont get all frustrated like I did yesterday and allow my temper to get the best of me!! Show me how to get my poetry on the writing page to be judged. In Jesus's name I pray Amen....Thank-you Lord, so much for making this easier for me as the days go by.

        • My closest in age sister Elizabeth L.Seaman!! I will love her til' the day I die, because she isn't going before me!! It would break my heart in two!! A Huge peice of me would be in Heaven with her and no longer on earth. She's my hero, and has kept me from getting the switch too many times and took it for me instead! Love that woman, like no other!! We've been through "Hell and Survival-Ing" together to stay alive!!! Long Story, but she's so Beautiful Inside and out!!! Love you Sista'!!!

        • If you love someone, or something set them "Free" if they come back, they were meant to be in your life, if they dont it wasn't meant to be.We can't take it/them to heaven anyway.
          "Be slow to speak, quick to listen, and slow to anger"I try to always remember this scripture.
          "For I know the thoughts I think toward you, says "The Lord", "Thoughts of peace and not of evil. To give you hope and a future."
          "Laugh when you can. Apologize when you should. And let go of what you cannot change."
          The Motorist Prayer "Grant me O Lord a steady hand and watchful eye." "That no one shall be hurt as I pass by." "Thou gavest life, I pray no act of mine..May taek away or mar that gift of Thine." Teach me to use my car for others need; Nor miss through love of undue speed.." "The beauty of the world; that thus I may...with joy and courtesy go on my way."
          Phil 4:19 "And my God shall supply all of my needs according to His Riches and Glory by Christ Jesus" Amen to that one. And I claim that one for everyone reading this and my household as well. As For me and My Household "We shall serve the Lord All the days of our liLives."

      Christy   Christy wrote
      on 4/29/2008 11:11:25 AM
      I've been writing poetry as long as I can remember. Ever since I was around 9 years old. I still have them to, my "Little Girly" poetry. Its really bad stuff, but then again I was only 9. It took lots of practice over the years, to get a little bit better at it. I feel I still need some work at it, but I must not be to bad or why on earth would one of these sites make me "Ambassador of the Month"? Then two of my poems are in books. I have one already, called: "Timeless Voices" and the one coming out this summer I'm pretty excited about! Because, that one will be published, called: "Immortal Verses"!! I can't wait to receive my copy of that one! There's a Book Publisher who wants me to do my own book with just all of my own poetry in it. Their suppose to send me the manuscript anytime now. I'm finding there's alot more involved in writing your own book then meets the eye! You have the "Table of contents", "Short Stories", "A Personal Statement","Your own Illustrations or Photographs" "Any Artwork, we want to add", "An Introduction", "Your Biograhphy" "The Dedication", and it's not as easy as it all sounds. I'm a bit intimidated by this all. I do love a "Challenge" however. So, I will just be saying alot of prayers should the day the "Manuscript" really show up! Smile!!:)

      Sojourner   Sojourner wrote
      on 4/29/2008 9:03:42 AM
      Wow, thanks so much for your response to my poem. I always take my art seriously, but it is almost shocking when someone takes it as seriously as I do.I appreciate your compliment and I will get in touch through email. -Joe

      Christy   Christy wrote
      on 4/29/2008 1:04:56 AM
      "Express Yourself Through "" Express Yourself Through "" Come One! Come All! Tons of Fun! This sites the "Bomb!" Your feeling happy,mad,glad,sad, or carefree, You'll want to come join in with us! It's where you want to be. So pick-up your pen & paper and "Rhyme" it down, Anyway you can,"Express it! Or feel around. There's prizes and games,to be won, If you can "Ryhme" it! Put it on "". There's many books to be written, Love animals? Put it on paper about your kitten. Want to pass down an "Heirloom?" Get it "Published", but make it real soon! Mother's Day is coming soon, Father's Day is in June. Got that "Special Someone?" Rhyme him/her a "Plaquered", then buy them one! Just click it to the "" Come One! Come All! This site's the "Bomb!"

writing Christy
Without Love we Have NOTHING!! With Love we have "Life Abundantly!!" My favorite scripture is: Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."I have so many favorites actually. One of many I pray for my children and claim this particular one for sure every night since they were old enough to understand prayer is Psalm 91. I also prayed this scripture for my own life one time when my life was in danger. And nothing happened to me!! It's a long story and I should have been hurt really bad, but wasn't. I know it's because I woke-up and prayed that scripture that morning! I give God all the Glory for that one! He's not done with me yet! Or he'd of made sure that truck that hit me and put me in "Critical condition" killed me! I would have went straight to Hell that night! God spared my life because he knew me better than to settle for booze and hang-overs! The next morning I quit drinking. He delivered me! Set me free!! Okay, CIAO!!
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