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Member Name Kelly Tipton
Date of Birth 04/26/1989
Gender Female
Location Alcoa, TN
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    • I'm not your normal kinda girl. No one ever believes me when I saw that, but then I usually prove myself right lol And just to get it out of the way, I am not goth, emo, or anything like that. I'm just me. anyway, I'm pretty easy going. Not a big fan of crowds so you'll find me chillin alone in the park or w/ one of my two best friends. I love music. I believe it is one of few areas where you can express many different emotions w/o actually saying anything. I LOVE to read fiction novels. Mainly fantasy, but a good crime book catches my attention from time to time.
      My mom and friend calls me an artist, but I don't feel I am. I don't always feel driven like a true artist. Art is just a really fun hobby of mine. I am a movie freak. I love watching them. Old new, anything. and I must admit I am the kind of dork that quotes anything I find amusing lol

        • Even though I'm not a teen anymore I still enjoy some of the teen angst and drama. I was interested in vampires way before Twilight made it the new 'in thing'. So I still read all the vamp series that are still ongoing. And I love some good comedy/action books as well. Janet Evanovich is one of my favorite authors of all time lol

        • I'll watch almost anything. lol Love movies.

        • Love me some good rock music. But I also enjoy many genres.

        • I love the Discovery channel lol So anything on there or Syfy.

        • I check my myspace religiously lol

        • My parents would have to be my heros for sure. Everything they have been through.

        • I do a little drawing, painting, whatever materials I have at the time lol Play with my dog, read when I can.

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writing Blackrose
"God doesn't give you things He doesn't want you to use" - Chappy: Iron Eagle
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