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Member Name Aija Butler
Date of Birth 02/04/1979
Gender Female
Location california
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    • I found the will to live in my dying hour...

      What does it truly mean to live in the moment? Is it to understand that this particular moment lives peace, understanding, joy, and truth of ones self?

      There's often a moment when we cease to remember our dreams. There are times when we think, "What if?" We share many feelings of regret, when do we not seek the true aspirations of our heart.

      It is my time for self fulfillment; I saved room for error; I developed patience in pursuing my goals; I let go of many dreams, only to put them into perspective; I decided to start and finish one goal at a time; I can't afford to quit; I won't; I shall finish my goal list, one by one; Even if I finish last.

      I fear for those who do not have self-love. True happiness can not be sought within the minds of others. I pity those who do not seek truth within themselves. It becomes boring and uneventful to live someone else’s dream.

      Choose you, you may become conformed, enriched by environment; but speak with the opinions of thine own.

      Sometimes we reflect on the child within. The child which was never afraid of taking risks, ventured spontaneously without a second glance or ponder of consequence.

      All our hopes seen in the clearest of views. Sadly, in years to come , and in moments of the present we get a false start, then we give up all together.

      There are always choices that must be made. Right and wrong exists in your own conscience. Life is a challenge. The survival of the fittest.

      I give you formal consent. The consent to act on the things you believe in, and encourage others to do the same. Before I came to understand my options and the business of re-organizing my life and its changes, my space on earth was disheveled.

      It took a life and death situation for me to put things into perspective. A part of me died, in the confines of a cold hospital room; but when I reached the time of my release, I was reborn.

      This is the beginning, my moment of truth, my time.

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          writing Authoraijambutler

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writing Authoraijambutler
I slithered upon the shores of a quiet beach and brushed the sand from my burning feet. I called out for help, there was no response. Slowly, I gathered my items. The weapons I take to war daily, a small leather bond journal, a leather pouch I wore just around my neck, ink.

My pen and pad, are most precious to me. The healing of the mind, and the rebirth of a lost soul.

Writing is my muse, a tool I use to diffuse the torturous trials of this life.

The Resurrection, 360 degrees of a woman scorn, now reborn beautiful me.
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