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Location Detroit, MI
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    • What is the Author Collective?

      We are a collaborative of self-published authors with a common goal. We want to vigorously promote our books and get them in the hands of people who can purchase in large quantities without the perils of the mega sized publishing houses.

      Who can join this group?

      Any published author who currently has an inventory of printed books.

      What does it cost to join the group?

      The fee for an entire calendar year is $375.00 for the first title and $65.00 for each additional title thereafter. This means an author with two titles would pay $375 + $65 or $440. An author with four titles would pay $375 + $195 for the three additional titles or $570. If you have only one title your cost is $375. Each member must also send us twelve copies of each novel or publication entered into the collective. These sample copies will not be sold but, be used solely for display purposes.

      Is the fee paid monthly or is it for the entire year.

      For the 2010 calendar year the fee is a one time cost that covers each convention that The Author Collective attends. There are no recurring fees or charges once an author becomes a member. The fee structure may be slightly different in calendar year 2011.

      What are the benefits of membership?

      The staff of The Author Collective will aggressively seek to promote and sell your book to book stores, museums, libraries, school systems and other large quantity purchasers. This gives you the author the free time to do what you do best… write! We bare the cost of attending tradeshow, conventions, book fairs and trunk shows specifically targeting the literary trade. The attendees at these events are generally decision makers for their respective companies. All authors dream of showcasing their novels to the persons who can with the stroke of a pen, place on the shelves of institutions around the country their work. Our goal is to seek out these persons and do just that with our member’s works.

      What if my book is not yet printed?

      If you have a manuscript and are looking to get your book printed and into circulation, the Author Collective is for you! Joining gives you access to all of the free services that we offer our members. The good part is that your membership will not expire until one year after we have helped you get your book completed. This means that for no additional cost we will help you get discounts on an ISBN, copyright protection, editors and proofreaders, graphic persons and printers. Once your book is printed and ready for sale we start your yearly membership.

      What else am I required to do?

      Because we sell our books to the trade (bookstores and retail outlets), we offer a 50% discount from list price to our clientele. This allows them to be able to receive a mark-up and sell to the general public or the end user at a profit. Conversely, they buy in quantities or lot minimums which give you the member, exposure and shelf space. With this pricing structure, The Author Collective must receive a 60% discount off list price from its members. Authors who self-publish must decide whether or not it is feasible to be a member of our group. Here is an example of the price we would pay for your book: Retail Price $15.00 minus 60% discount or $9.00 = $6.00 paid to the author. In most cases this is not a problem since authors have lots of profit built in to the retail prices. Each author must decide based on the prices they pay per book if this collective makes financial sense. The collective can suggest outside printers that will usually save an author 50% or more from the cost of self-publishing houses like Author House or Xlibris.

      How many books will The Author Collective purchase from me?

      Each member must give the collective 12 sample copies. These copies are not paid for and will be used to promote your book, not sold. When we receive your 12 sample copies The Author Collective will go to work for you. We present and display your book at trade shows and solicit orders. Once we have taken an order for your book we will contact you and make a purchase. The number we buy depends on the number of orders that taken for your book, though our minimum purchase is 12 books per title. In some cases if a book sells extremely well, we may purchase extra copies to hold in inventory.

      When am I paid for the books that you purchase from me?

      We will not ask you for consignment. Once we receive your books we will pay you immediately. We will not expect you to accept returns because unlike the mega-publishing houses, we don’t offer consignment or returns to our clientele.

      How do I get started?

      Just give us a call and say “I’m ready to become a member of The Author Collective.”

      Thank you for your interest.


      Michael E. Williams


      2210 Chene Street
      Detroit, Michigan 48207
      (313) 446-2262

      AuthorCollective   AuthorCollective wrote
      on 7/28/2010 2:09:17 PM
      Dear Author, Looking to go to the Baltimore or Capital Book Festivals but hate to pay the price of a tent or table? Would you like to be amongst the who's who in the literary community? Join the Author Collective at both these events and more September 24rd through 25th and October 3rd. Can't make it? Then here is a chance to have your book represented by professionals. The Author Collective is here for you, the self-published and under-represented book writer. We go to the trade-shows, expos and festivals to showcase your product to the people who love to buy and those who buy for a living. Why occupy a full booth alone at any trade-show or book fair? It is expensive and ineffective. Our authors and staff members are always in attendance leaving you time to network, promote and "brand yourself " while book sales are still being made. Don't have your book published yet? Not to worry, we'll help you at no cost self-publish your manuscript. Join us and talk amongst the leaders in the traditional publishing and self-publishing industry, everyone will be at these events. The Author Collective is here to help the unknown, little known and soon to be well known author promote their books. Join us as we attend more than forty literary tradeshows, conventions, conferences, expos and book fairs seeking to sell your book. If you need more book sales, the Author Collective is for you. Membership is easy and affordable. To find out more, call me TODAY! Call Michael Williams (313) 446-2262

      RaymondSpringer   RaymondSpringer wrote
      on 5/1/2010 4:07:04 PM
      What, Detroit! Of course I want to be friends. Thanks for the request. Ray

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