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Member Name Arif Hafeez
Date of Birth 10/04/1989
Gender Male
Location Bangalore
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    • When I started people said I was just a stupid little kid who waas trying to rhyme.The truth is , I am still a stupid little kid who is trying to rhyme , but I try to rhyme from the heart.
      I began writing poetry in the forums and threads of orkut with a few others , hoping to receive a good comment or two.I still do the same.

      Poetry to me is more than a hobby . It is a passion . It is the urge to create something beautiful which will last in the hearts and minds of those who read my verses.I always believed poetry as an art was not created to be a form of lesson taught in the class rooms.It was created to let loose the fascinations and imaginations of man towards his most desired objects of affection.So it is with that thought that I pen my words , to go to another place of serenity and celebrate my objects of affection with utmost beauty and joy.

      In the other half of my life , far away from poetry , I am just another ordinary teenager pursuing his degree in information science and enginnering . I love watching movies of any kind , I just love music and my soccer and cricket as well.

      Regards ,


        • I must say , I enjoy reading a lot of poets , especially Robert Burns , Edgar Allan Poe , Shelley and the persian poets Hafiz and Rumi

        • Love all kinds of movies especailly exotic ones like korean dramas and J - horror . I'm a super horror movie freak and always up for comedies as well...

        • LOVE MUSIC....ACTUALLY ADDICTED......anything that sounds good . The liking ranges from classical to club , pop to instrumental.Got this real love for hardcore club remixes.

        • Lots of them , House M.D , Fresh prince of bel air , full house , everybody loves raymond , frasier and a lot of anime series.

        • NONE

        • Already Mentioned Above

        • my two blogs


 short stories)

        • NONE

        • a few...

          but can't really remeber those right now..[:P]

        • " Who shall say that Fortune grieves him,
          While the star of hope she leaves him?
          Me, nae cheerful twinkle lights me;
          Dark despair around benights me. "

          Yes sir , that's pretty much me.....

          PPL said i was weird.....i replied with a smile..." I KNOW ".

          i love my lil poems , my stories , cos i wrote what i wanted to write....i did not write wat others wanted to read........that makes it all OK.....

          If u cant stand my weird musings...........please stay away........cos the more u try to change me.......the more rigid i become.........

          and comin to me love for sakura tree............theres nothin that i cud admire more in the world............than a fully blossomed cherry blossom on a beautiful darkest night.....under the whitest snow........

          many ppl run away from me.............well.......they can stay away........cos i like my solitude an awefull lot...........

          i don make many best friends........but i do get along with everyone..............

          cos notin gud ever came out of bickering and quarreling with ppl.......

        • well , i would say it basically revolves around movies , music and writing.

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writing Arif
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