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WritingRoom Author Alisia Compton
After a harrowing car accident shocks the small town of Whiskey Falls, NY life changes drastically for 17 year old Lucienne Bennett.
Date of Birth 04/23/1984
Gender Female
Location Byron, NY
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    • I write works of fiction for adults and young adults. I prefer to write fantasy based fiction with real life issues infused in. For instance, in my most recent novel, Lucy's father is a recovering alcoholic. Lucy and the Letter Eaters is about a young girl coping with not only her family issues but also serious bullying in school. Of course, the supernatural is infused in with these dramas transforming Whiskey Falls from your average Podunk town to a town of mystery and dark secrets. Read the full synopsis:

      Nearly two years have passed since the tragic car accident that claimed the lives of a father and his infant daughter. The residents of Whiskey Falls blame local police chief Daryl Bennett for the deaths. His addiction to alcohol overcame his commitment to serve and protect the small town. Lucienne (Lucy) Bennett, Daryl's seventeen year old daughter, was once on top of the world, the most popular girl at Whiskey Falls High. Since the accident she's become a social pariah. Her former friends - a jock click known as "The Letter Eaters" - have become her worst enemies, bent on using any means necessary in order to make Lucy suffer. Lucy becomes truly afraid of their power and what they can do when her increasingly disturbing nightmares of them become reality. Luckily, Lucy isn't alone, her faithful friend Sebastian has been by her side since the accident, willing to submit himself to the wrath of the Letter Eaters as long as it means being around Lucy. It looks like Sebastian has to share Lucienne's time when she forms a friendship with Ginny, a shy and socially inept outcast, but the real competition for Lucy's heart comes when she meets Cole, a handsome young man with mesmerizing blue eyes, a fast car, and a dark profession. Can Lucy decipher her dreams in time to survive the Letter Eaters? Will she be able save herself, hold onto her friends and fall in love? Read Lucy and The Letter Eaters to find out


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writing Alisia
After a harrowing car accident shocks the small town of Whiskey Falls, NY life changes drastically for 17 year old Lucienne Bennett.
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