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Member Name Abrigon Gusiq
Date of Birth 11/11/1961
Gender Male
Location Idaho
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    • Male
      Born in Idaho but grew up all over Alaska and missing it.

      White mostly, but rumored to be 1/8 or 1/16 Umatilla Indian, not sure.
      1/4 Irish the rest a mixture of German, English, Scot, Scot-Irish, Prussian and French-Canadian (what ever that means?). Part Danish but that was like from 1232ad, so ..

      Into history
      Military sciences.
      Former Army Guard/Reserve soldier, clerical and Infantry.
      Former EMT/driver and Nursing Aide
      Drove school bus, big and special needs. My hyper nature helps me fit in with special needs..

      More laters..

      Abrigon   Abrigon wrote
      on 9/2/2013 12:46:36 AM

      Abrigon   Abrigon wrote
      on 10/13/2011 4:27:37 AM
      P-Friendship: Friends, the dark days, the light day, the hard days, the nite times shared not out of lust, or desire, or even vice and degredation but out of love, of companions and times shared, love between two people, not of lust or some base desire, but out of the need to be social, to share moments, words, comments and vents or just hugs, and being there, to know others pains and help there, to see the pain in the others eyes and wish it gone, gone by sharing between two, not one alone. Mike Adams 2005

      Abrigon   Abrigon wrote
      on 8/24/2011 3:36:53 AM
      (Not a happy poem, it was a survival poem to keep me going, since it takes permission to commit the act of seppeku, and no one knew, and I am out of the military) P-Shame A poem A deed Permission A knife A sword A friends Swift cut Head rolls And shame Ends, honor Restored and Witnessed Seppeku Mike Adams 2011

      Abrigon   Abrigon wrote
      on 8/24/2011 3:36:03 AM
      P-Sink Hole Sink hole in the ground why you have come around go away and fill up with water or soil or just take the pain away of my lost life and home or just give me time to fill out my claim report or know the fun of FEMA saying YES and the money to flow and to know the joy of a new house and place to live, above the sink hole long gone and away from my soul. Mike 2009

      Abrigon   Abrigon wrote
      on 5/11/2009 12:28:48 AM
      P-Moonlight on Snow: One night while walking in the lighted darkness I noticed the moon shining brightly fluorescing the snow to light my way The night was light up, but in a combo effect, the moonlight full, the snow hard and crystalline, reflecting all back, the northern lights bouncing around and cascading like water, and the clouds fluorescing like light bulbs, reflecting the light of all around back in concert of light. The road was dark, but the snow was bright not daylight, but a blue ice gray, not glacier cold but oddly warm, bound by trees dark and road darker but visible in the darkness from the lights of heaven bouncing off the snow lighting my way. My way to peace love and harmony Beauty shown in darkness, but remembered. Mike Adams 2006

writing Abrigon My poetry page.
Do not mind the adult warning and all, got burned badly Yahoo when I had several lists and webpages that I had built/learned how to HTML code at 300 baud..

Adapt and over come.
Get in, do what is needed and get the hell out fast.

If you want your pizza hot, your patients warm and alive, your kids on time and your soldiers ready to fight, call me..

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