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Member Name Alexandra Holzer
Gender Female
Location New York
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    • BIO/NEWS


      Alexandra Holzer is a member of organizations such as the SCBWI,, and Absolute Her father is the original ghost hunter, published Author Professor Hans Holzer, Ph.D of 146 titles in the genres of parapsychology, the supernatural, religion and healing and some fiction. He is most known for the adaptation of his book 'Murder in Amityville' for the film Amityville II: The Possession, Ghosts, America's Haunted House, The UFOnauts, The Journey of the Magi and Murder in Amityville: Fact or Fiction-a compilation of all three books he had written on the case.

      Holzer was recently inducted into Marquis Who's Who in America 2008 62nd Edition, following her father from the 70s. Her first title (Lady Ambrosia-Secret Past Revealed) had two field nomination's, one with Young Adult Literature by the ALA and another to the IHG (International Horror Guild.)

      Her mother is an accomplished artist, Countess on the Baron side to the Russian Buxhoeveden Family with relations to Catherine The Great. Their published family book is written in German entitled, 'Riga 1201 Buxhoeveden 2001.' Holzer's 98 year old Parisian grandmother, Rosine Claire (married to the count of Russia), has herself published 'French Gourmet Vegetarian', 'New French Gourmet Vegetarian' and 'French Vegetarian Cosmetics.'

      She studied at some of the best prep schools in New York City, including 'The Lycee Francais', 'The Fleming School' and 'The York Preparatory School.' In 1992, after graduating high school, she attended 'The Fashion Institute of Technology'(F.I.T), earning two degrees in Fine Arts and Advertising. Her mother also attended F.I.T. when Alexandra was a teen. It was here where Holzer became a self taught Graphic Designer working for small to big travel ad agencies. In 1999, she quit her job as a graphic designer for a conference publishing company and bravely left to begin her own freelance business naming it AHG Design.


      Alexandra Holzer's second book, 'Growing Up Haunted-A Ghostly Memoir' alongside her fathers newest title, 'Spirit Connection-How The Other Side Intervenes', have published as father and daughter for the first time under the same house. A rare haunting moment. 'Growing Up Haunted' is being read by a documentary filmmaker generating vast interest in it's story. She already knows who she would want to play her father.

      In the interim of the new book, Holzer had created her monthly column named 'Spirit Talk' for the Paranormal Awareness Society based in Florida who has a radio show and since then was picked up from UFO based in Canada and at from the mid-west.

      In February, Alexandra helped to coordinate a Holzer/Buxhoeveden Exhibit for New Orleans Haunted Mortuary Museum. She has been working with the Exhibit Consultant of the Haunted Mortuary - a 24/7 Interactive Paranormal Observatory, Lab & Museum, who was recently for New Years Eve invited for a celebration on stage wit the Mayor and Mayor's office for the huge city concert & fireworks. This museum has been rebuilt after Katrina hit and is a huge moment for the team involved. Alexandra's mother, the Countess and her partner will be selling her haunted art there in two separate exhibits as they will be visiting the museum by fall of '08.

      Holzer often does Q&A's for on-line magazines, pod casts, radio show interviews with personalities such as Rob McConnell- the host and executive producer of The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show, England's Wolverhampton City Radio at WCR FM and Karrang Radio, Florida's Paranormal Awareness Radio on WWPR 1490AM, Ghostly Talk, TAPS Family Radio, Darkness Radio and Florida's WBZT AM's Encounter's Live with Tim Yancey, publishes articles for such magazines as Merlian and Paranormal Magazine in the UK and is being deemed a real life Ghost Whisperer, allowing her readers free to ask questions on the paranormal.

      The Anomalist once quoted off a newspaper interview with Straus Newspaper's, 'The Chronicle,' "Hans Holzer's daughter weighs in with her own paranormal abilities." They recently featured her new book at

      While filming for New Wave Entertainment Production Company in April of '07 for the re-release of the film Poltergeist, went on with her father as paranormal experts and authors released October 9th, '07.

      Holzer has given a testimonial for Famed Medium Scott Christiansan's second book called, 'The Inheritance.' Thus inspiring her to help other's write their own novels lending feedback and insight to paranormal subject matter and about publishing. She works with Librarians to Mediums and has had a second author quote her and her father, placing one of her popular articles in the author's upcoming Haunted Hollywood book for Fall of '08 for Schiffer Publishing.

      She has gone on local investigations but feels that her expertise lies not just with haunted homes, places or people but also in getting 'impressions' and being 'sensitive' to her surroundings. Thus yielding a psychic paranormal investigator who is also in quest for the unknown with a sense of humor. She grew up haunted and therefore has known nothing else.

      She has written two innovative and fresh paranormal based reality TV shows (one is being pitched), pitching several haunting children's stories, does select forwards for authors in the field ranging from paranormal writers to photographers and will speak at conferences about Growing Up Haunted.

      She donates to many different non-profit organizations/charities for children and animals along with PETA, signing important letters for Care2 Action for the causes she believes in as she is not an extremist; but will help for children, animals and our planet. She uses her personal website for these causes along with promoting her work and what she is all about.

      She will help others with a reading if needed as well as take cases via e-mail lending her support.

      While raising her four noisy ghosts, continues to write children's short stories, poetry, science fiction/fantasy novels, screenplays in the genres of supernatural horror thrillers, paranormal love stories, children's animated tales and comedy.

      Where you can find little 'ole me:

      Marc Tetlow
      Ideal Event Management
      Ph # (431) 478-4150



      My Space:


      Catherine Buxhoeveden's Website (my mother)

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